Proprietary Process Technology

 News     |      2019-01-26
Proprietary Process Technology
Striving for innovation and excellence runs through the whole life cycle of JIAYI's laminated bus bar products – from product design, manufacturing, final assembly & testing, to product's long term reliability.
JIAYI is in the leading position for its advanced "Z" or "L'' shaped bending / lamination process technology, epoxy powder painting technology for high voltage applications, and quick -prototyping technologies
Prototype Development
Our innovative Flexible Quick Prototyping technology ( JIAYI's patented technology), helps our customers shorten the sample development time, reduce the time for new products into market, and also reduce the investment cost on R&D projects.
Lamination Technology
JIAYI's advanced automatic lamination machines. All process parameters can be precisely controlled, which ensures product performance and consistent quality.
Proprietary L and Z shape LBB process technology. These types of LBBs can be laminated / bent in one step instead of the traditional multi process, which reduces the damages to insulation material, and improves product's partial discharge performance.
JIAYI Manufacturing Capabilities
In-house manufacturing equipment and production lines for all key processes – such as CNC lathering, CNC punching / forming, brazing, laminating, powder painting, and testing, to ensure internal control of critical processes and total product quality.