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About Us

Enterprise mission: Endurance Hope

Enterprise pursuit: enterprise development, employee happiness

Enterprise vision: sustainable development, respected

Enterprise spirit: beyond the practical work win-win

Business philosophy: quality, innovation, speed

Management philosophy: people-oriented, efficient, fine, energy-saving

Work philosophy: dedication, professionalism, pragmatism, unity

Code of conduct: responsible, followable, checkable, supervision

Environmental Protection Philosophy: Do your part, enjoy a blue sky


Quality concept: every rubber grain is responsible, every rubber grain is a promise

Marketing concept: actively listen to the needs of customers, sincerely provide satisfactory service


Standard of Xiangxi people.

Grassroots standard: learning and improving, unity and dedication

Middle level standard: Scientific organization, harmony and efficiency

High-level standard: Gratitude to employees and creation of happiness


Three priorities of Xiangxi: Be moral and treat people with sincerity, and be diligent.