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Improve product quality and actively respond to the new crown epidemic

With the widespread and long-running ravages of the new crown virus, the nations economy has taken a downturn. Measures such as local closures introduced to mitigate the spread of the epidemic have hit the real sector hard, and many factories are in a state of shutdown, which poses new challenges to business development.

In this monthly meeting, the company leaders stressed: "the epidemic sealing the city factory stagnant production is a major problem facing the enterprise, to deal with the situation, first of all, we must actively respond to the call of the state, in this period of time can not go out to visit the office of the company, to strengthen the consolidation of product knowledge and training, to be able to truly capture the needs of customers, to solve the problems encountered by customers from the root. Secondly, we should focus on the quality of the companys products. Improve the quality of the product is the hard truth. Without quality there is no market, without quality there is no benefit, without quality there is no development."

All of us in the company are working together to carry out the instructions of our leaders. When you walk into the new production workshop of Xiangsil, you will find a production line running at high speed, operators and quality assurance personnel are each doing their own job, and each of them is absorbed in their work with concentration. The operators check the production orders carefully before production to reduce the rework rate. The quality assurance personnel are strict in quality control, meticulously sampling, inspecting and releasing. This ensures the standardized output of the whole product from raw materials, production, quality control and quality inspection, which provides customers with better quality products, brings better competitive advantages in the market and obtains better economic benefits. As a result, Xiangsil has gained the trust and support of a large number of customers.

Every emergency is a challenge for the company to ensure the quality of products, services and work to the maximum extent to ensure more professional and better services for our customers. Once again, we would like to thank you all for your continuous support to our company, lets work together to fight against the epidemic and look forward to the day when the gloom will disappear and the flowers will bloom.