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Conduct fire training and implement safety

In order to enhance the awareness of safety and fire prevention and improve the fire safety knowledge of all employees, on May 12, 2022, our company carried out a fire safety training seminar on "Implementing Safety Responsibility, Promoting Safety Development".

In this training, Mr. Zhong, a retired firefighter, explained how to properly report a fire, how to put out a fire, how to save oneself and how to effectively organize evacuation. At the same time, he analyzed the safety hazards around him, such as gas leaks, aging electric wires, faulty electrical appliances and short-circuiting wires, and proposed corresponding preventive measures. With his years of experience in firefighting, Mr. Zhong emphasized the importance of learning firefighting knowledge to all participants.

Instructor Zhong popularized the relevant fire safety laws and regulations to all participants through the study of "2011 New Safety Law". He used several fire accidents in recent years to analyze live video cases and elaborate from the causes of fire to the hazards caused by the occurrence of fire accidents, guiding everyone how to fire prevention, escape and self-rescue, fire extinguishing, etc. He also gave specific instructions on the principles and methods of fighting and escaping from common fires in office premises and homes.

The principles and methods of fire fighting and fire escape in office and home were also specified. Through this training, we understood more deeply the importance of safe production and good firefighting work.

"Safety is more important than a mountain, and safety lies in prevention." The fire safety knowledge lecture not only let us master the knowledge of fire prevention and fire safety, but also improved our ability to prevent and respond to disasters and the awareness of fire prevention. It laid a solid foundation for the future fire safety work of the company.